iLL.GATES Teaches at Sweat Thursday Before GET LOW

Tomorrow at Sweat we have a rare educational opportunity for Miami’s electronic music makers…

THE ILL.METHODOLOGY is an artistic development workshop series conducted by ill.Gates with his prolific 17 years of experience in electronic music production and performance. It is targeted to increase your productivity and efficiency in writing finished compositions in Ableton Live and providing you with all the tools you would need to fast track your production, accelerate your workflow and achieve the success that will make music sustainable for you.

Get all the info and how to register from

Next, head straight to The Vagabond to (((SHAKE))) for our PRE-WMC GET LOW! In it’s 34th edition the big bass party welcomes incredible Toronto Glitch Hop/Dubstep/Breakbeat/Bass producer iLL.GATES aka The Phat Conductor. You can find his releases on labels like Muti Music and Amorphous, and he’s collaborated with heavyweights Bassnectar and Datsik. Read about it his March 15th Miami debut in the New Times. It should go something like this…

Rounding out the main room lineup we have JUAN BASSHEAD, ANIMAL KRACKERZ aka AMKZ, DJ OTTO VON BASS WARRIOR, ASHWORTH, MC JUMANJI & NOME. Residing in the bar room we have A-TRAIN & ROB RIGGS. Making GET LOW debuts on the Radical Patio we have the futuristic sounds ofLAMEBOT, the experimental hip hop of INSOLENT, and DUSTHEAD. This is going to be a banger of an event, so get your tickets!

Dusthead – The Shattered EGO
Insolent – Nobody
LAMEBOT – What U Gon’ Do
AMKZ-The Butcher Shop (DJ set)