Miami Electronica Producer ARK IX Releases New “URRACA” EP

In 1962, James Van Allen discovered belts of radiation swimming in Earths magnetic field. That very same day, he signed up to test massive nuclear weapons on these belts. The tests created glowing and swirling auroras, but there was an accident. One bomb exploded on the ground, and the project was shut down. The final and most powerful weapon, Urraca, was never fired. This is the story of what might have happened, it’s the story of the end of the world.

“ARK IX is an epic sci-fi journey on a wave of intergalactic bass. By combining unique synths, instruments sampled from video game soundtracks, and big, slamming drums, ARK IX creates a sound that stands alone amidst Miami’s vast electronic music scene. His latest EP, Urraca, is a conceptual project based on Operation Fishbowl, a series of high altitude nuclear tests carried out by the U.S. government in 1962. “I’m trying to tell stories, on an individual level with songs, but also on a larger scale, across EPs and albums,” he says, citing influences such as The Mars Volta and Ratatat. Urraca’s title track is both ominous and upbeat, with a stirring melody, and a foreboding fog horn sample; It’s like dancing in the midst of a nuclear apocalypse.”

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