SCRATCH’s Spring Semester

DJs and wanna-bees: Miami’s SCRATCH Academy is about to start their spring term.  If you’ve ever thought about becoming a jockey-er of discs their classes are a perfect starting point to understand the basics of what it takes.  For the intermediate/veteran selectors, their advanced classes will help further hone your skills.  I took a course last year and it was fun and incredibly helpful.

Your instructors are some of Miami’s finest DJs, their space is right in the Design District and the class times are flexible.  See their course offerings after the jump!

DJ 101: The beginner’s course for someone who has never stepped in front of the turntables. Students learn the basics behind scratching, mixing and blending. ($350)

M 202: Intermediate Mixing– covers the skills and principles behind mixing tracks and creating a performance set. Students should develop beat matching skills and mixing techniques to create one six-song set. ($350)

M 303: Advanced Mixing- Takes students mixing skills to the next level by exploring mixing tracks, in-depth cross-genre mixing and multi-performance set creation. The class will also cover an introduction to the business behind getting a gig. (demo & promotion) ($350)

M 404: Club Mixing- Prepares students for performing in clubs. Students will create and perform different types of mixes for each class. This is performance based class. The class will also cover a more in-depth look into business behind DJing. ($350)

S 202: Intermediate Scratching- Incorporate scratch techniques into your mixing sets. S 202 gives you everything you need -from chirps to flares, transforms to juggles, drumming to tapping out and beyond. ($350)

S 303: Advanced Scratching- Continue to build on the number of scratches at your disposal. This course is also dedicated to developing your timing, syncopation and combinations. Simply put: we will make you quicker more precise and more controlled. ($350)

BM 101: Introduction to Music Production- Uses Ableton Live 8.0 to cover the basics in music theory, song structure, and the fundamentals of the Live software. ($400)