This Just In: Way Out Sounds For Everyone

We’ve got a new batch of specialty records spanning genres, decades and continents. Some of these are very limited, so act quickly if you want to secure  copies!

Bruce Haack/Ms. Nelson – The Electronic Music Record For Children LP
“Recorded in 1969 , early electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack and child educator Ms. Nelson go bravely and deeply into psychedelic music compositions designed to open the minds and hearts of the young. Truly far out electronic music that evokes a space age alternate universe. Bruce and Ms. Nelson are joined by pianist Praxietellis Pandit and their relaxed sounding friend Chris to bring you songs about everything from ancient folk tales to outerspace to what the world sounds like when you listen with your inner self. Real great stuff, not for the faint of heart. Avante-garde music by and for the people.” –Mississippi Records

Various – La Onda Vampi 2LP
Starting in 2002, Vampisoul is now established as one of the hippest and most respected reissue labels on the planet. New Orleans funk, Detroit R&B, boogaloo, Cuban jam sessions, exotic soundtracks, West African highlife, Latin soul, trippy tropical sounds, Peruvian groovers, Argentinian jazz, Nigerian Afrobeat — it’s all in their deep and expanding catalog. La Onda Vampi is the latest in a series of popular Vampisoul samplers throughout which the label travels to familiar and new international destinations and their usual richness of sounds is broadened here by Iranian grooves, ’60s Czech mod R&B, flamenco rumba, psych library music from Italy and Colombian cumbia.

Stockhausen – Studie I&II/Gesang Der Jünglinge LP
Studie I (1953), Studie II (1954), Gesang Der Jünglinge (1956) and Zyklus für zwei Schlagzeugern (1960). Performed by David Tudor, Christoph Caskel, Gottfried Michael Koenig and Stockhausen. “A collection of Stockhausen’ s most important works from the 1950s, particularly Gesang der Junglinge (‘Song of the Youths’) 1955-56, probably the most iconic piece of electronic music ever written. Only because of Stockhausen’s complete understanding of electronic equipment, along with his creative genius, was he able to produce this masterwork, the first piece of music to unify vocals and electronics.” -Doxy

New releases and restocks spanning, well, everything:
Astrud Gilberto – Now LP
Bill Orcutt – How the Thing Sings LP/CD
Bloodshot Bill – Thunder & Lightning LP
Bruce Haack/Ms. Nelson – The Way Out Record For Children LP
Elliott Smith – XO LP
Flaming Lips – Telepathic Surgery 2LP
Miles Davis – Dark Magus 2LP
Minor Threat – Out Of Step LP
New Order – Movement LP
Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica LP/CD
Otis Redding – Pain In My Heart LP
Scott Walker – Scott 3 LP
Spiritualized – Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space 2LP
Tandoori Knights – Curry Up LP/CD
Thelonious Monk – Monk. LP
Various – Africa Boogaloo LP/CD
Various – Cartagena! 2LP
Various – Electronic Toys LP
Various – Fly Girls! V2 2LP
Various – Nigeria Special V2 3LP
Various – Santeria 2LP
Various – Sexual Life Of Savages CD
Various – Studio One 63-80 2LP
Various – Thai Beat A-Go-Go V2 LP
Various – Tumba Francesa: Afro-Cuban Music From The Roots 2LP
Wilson Pickett – The Exciting Wilson Pickett LP