Winter Weirds Annex!

Do you want to get weird? How about getting extra weird? Well, while there’s an incredible Night of Weirds going on at Churchill’s, we’ve got a free Winter Weirds Annex happening at Sweat. Just in case the 23(ish) acts next door aren’t enough for you, join us for four more performances by a couple locals and two touring acts, including one from Finland – yes, FINLAND!

We’re kicking it off at 8:30, so come down to check out sounds by…
– Psych-thrash freak out motherfuckers, CLAWS
– Fuzz-sludge shoegazers from the mean streets of Miami, Fourier
– Jet-lagged Finnish electronic alt folk-poppers Bill, Moray & Bill
– Austin TX’s Os Ovni – Hypnotically gorgeous space pop from a galaxy far, far away.