Review: Kate Bush “50 Words For Snow”

Guest review by Kelvin K.

Despite her popularity in the U.K., the reclusive yet highly influential Kate Bush has never garnered quite the same attention stateside. This is truly a shame, as songs such as “Wuthering Heights”, “Running Up That Hill” and “Sat in Your Lap” not only had mainstream potential but the makings of alternative anthems. Ranging from danceable to ethereal, Bush’s output never seems to disappoint. Her latest release, 50 Words For Snow, combines remarkable lyrical imagery with sweeping, operatic crescendos and Kate’s signature eccentricity. In other words, it is classic Kate Bush and for those who have never listened to the quirky songstress, this is a perfect way to begin a love affair.

Always the storyteller, Kate Bush returns with tales straight from the mind of a not-so-innocent child. She is sensual without ever being overbearingly explicit (which may explain her lack of success in the U.S.). Songs such as “Snowflake” and “Snowed in at Wheeler Street” feature duets with her son and Sir Elton John, respectively, and are backed by lush yet minimal classical instrumentation that recall Sigur Rós or Florence + The Machine.  The atmosphere created by the album as a cohesive whole embodies wintertime yet emanates a certain distant warmth, making it an ideal stocking stuffer for the upcoming holidays.

50 Words For Snow by Kate Bush is now available on vinyl LP and CD at Sweat Records, in addition to select works from her back catalog such as a recent reissue of Hounds of Love. This season, disregard adulthood, don a tutu and immerse yourself in a whimsical fantasy world.