Sweat Records Is Hiring.

Sweat Records is looking for a new permanent, part-time employee. We are looking for someone who is responsible, passionate about music, available weekend evenings/nights, and has reliable transportation.  Bonus points for barista experience, sound or event production experience, and/or retail experience.

If you’re interested, please EMAIL sweatrecords@gmail.com a one or two paragraph email introducing yourself and stating why you’d be a great addition to Team Sweat.  This position is for 15-20 hours a week.  Pay is pretty basic but there are awesome perks (concert tickets, employee discount, etc).

Please do not attach a resume, and please do not email us or call the shop. We will be in touch if we are interested, and you’ll be invited to the shop for an interview and to take a products questionnaire so we can gauge your musical knowledge.

We will consider all replies we get by Friday, December 9th at 5pm.  Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Sweat Records Is Hiring.

  1. Hello my name is Rick, and I’m a very energetic reliable tech.
    I currently work for a non-profit in the field of production and I’m looking for extra ways that I can maximize my skills. I’ve worked many different positions in live production events from, music, stage, tv, film, and many others. When a friend of mine sent me this link I new instantly that I would be a good fit. I very passionate about music I play bass guitar with a few of my friends. I think that my skills would be a perfect match for your company and I do believe that my personality will be great asset to you team.

    Thank you for the consideration and hope to hear from you soon.

    Rick Solari

  2. Hi my name is Alex Florence,
    I’m highly interested in working at Sweat Records because I collect vinyl myself. I have tons of the stuff at my house haha. I also teach art at an elementary school during the week. My job has been cut back 50% so I could definitely use the extra hours during the weekend. Music and art are the two loves in my life, so I believe I would be a great addition to the Sweat family.

  3. Hello my name is Shaequon Samuel,

    I am a hip-hop musician and part owner of an independent record label.I believe working at Sweat Records would be a great experience for me because I love music from all genres and my 3 years in retail has taught me how to deal with customers. This job would be great for me since I am a college student majority of my availability is during the weekend.

  4. Hi!…I would honestly extremely love working for SWEAT records.I have an endless amount of knowledge on music,specifically progressive rock.I have performed at Sweat as a stand up comic on casa de haha.I use to work at StarBucks 06 and I’ve worked the door at Churchills.

  5. HI, My NAME is SHawn Tomanto. I have all the energy and charms! I have done and seen it all!
    Call me: (305) 371-8161
    K, bye.


  6. My name is Michael ALonso i”m 25 i am huge fan of music there is nothing i would like to do more with my life than to be part of a music company. I am a hard and dedicated worker and very passionate about the music buisness
    me and a partner of mine recently bought and built a website http://www.BlackCrowne.com that will be Miami’s first Music Social Network that will launch the 1st of 2012 it will act as a third party to introduce producers and Artist’s and let the voices that are not heard normally through mainstream be heard. that is an example of how passionate i am to music. i am currently a student at MDC working on non credit courses which means i can work any time as long you will need. i have worked with a record label and Artist in the past such as Dirty Vinyl Entertainment with PeterJay and Imageri doing such duties as setting up shows getting in touch with promoters and setting up studio time i did all of that for free just beacause it was a privilege being around that environment and music . thank you for the opportunity, hope to hear from you guys.

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