Beatmachines, Ketchy Shuby + BassHead for my Birthday!

I’m a lucky guy! I get to work at what I love with my friends and amazing artists, while showing the great people of beautiful Miami good things. Thursday, November 10th I was born (a looong time ago) and I want to party with all of you at The Vagabond! I share the birth date with my friend Christy aka Cuci Amador of Afrobeta, and we’ll be celebrating together with all our Scorpios!

This special (((SHAKE))) will host a special performance by the BEATMACHINES! Featuring Suenalo’s JJ Freire on drums,beatbox and percussion with Afrobeta’s Smurphio on the keyboards, these guys blew me away when I first saw them in action. There’s no computers involved, just improvised instrumentation, so no show is ever the same! We welcome back our friends KETCHY SHUBY for some more downtown soul. Watch the new video for their cover of Nirvana “Come As You Are”…

Around the bands there will be DJ sets by GET LOW residents JUAN BASSHEAD & MC JUMANJI.

Of course we have our resident DJ A-TRAIN, who will be joined by IRON LYON while Rob Riggs is out at sea. I want to see you all there, so there’s NO COVER before midnight if you rsvp to! Do your job.