This Just In: Sonic Shifts

Looking for some new favorite sounds? How about some old favorites in different formats? Stop by and we’ll help you find sounds to love.

MonstrO – Anchors Up 7” (Blue, Magenta or Black Vinyl):
“MonstrO is a newly formed hard-rock quartet featuring a melange of experienced heavyweights: drummer Bevan Davies, bassist Kyle Sanders, guitarist Juan Montoya, and guitarist/vocalist Charlie Suarez. If none of those names rings a bell, perhaps some of their former bands will: Bloodsimple, Skrew, Danzig, and Torche. On September 6, MonstrO released its debut album, a self-titled record produced by Alice in Chains guitarist William DuVall. Hot on its heels comes this new seven-inch, Anchors Up! (Limited|Fanfare). Currently on tour with Kyuss and The Sword, MonstrO makes a groove-heavy racket that touches on grunge, post-rock, metal, and straight-up classic rock. Suarez’s voice is closer to Ted Leo than Ozzy Osbourne, lending clean, vaguely theatrical overtones to the hard-driving low end of bass and chunky riffs.” -ALARM

Feist – Metals LP/CD:
Wait! It’s not what you’re thinking; not a logical follow-up to The Reminder. There isn’t even a freakin’ “single” on this album. The UK Guardian sums it up pretty well… “Lo-fi, given to odd time signatures, lost in its own private misery: Metals should be a difficult listen. But it isn’t. It flows effortlessly, perhaps a little too effortlessly: there are a couple of moments where it’s overwhelmed by its own subtlety and starts sounding like the background music some people will doubtless use it as. Still, in a world of self-consciously kooky female singer-songwriters making with the poppy eyes and the funny voices, there are worse crimes than being too subtle: there’s something impressively soft and unspun about Feist’s quirkiness. And besides, more often Metals just sounds fantastic: another unique album from an artist more adventurous than suggested by the kind of success she has achieved.”

Wilco – Whole Love 2LP/CD:
This one’s also not what you’re thinking! Wilco’s eighth album is riskier and more experimental than the past couple efforts. If you’re a fan of the Being There/Yankee Hotel Foxtrot/A Ghost Is Born-era, you can rejoice in some new Wilco material that’s refreshingly unpredictable.

Restocks galore:
Adele – 21 LP
Bad Brains – Black Dots LP
Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique 2LP
Big Black – Songs About Fucking LP
Bob Dylan – Another Side Of Bob Dylan LP; Highway 61 Revisited LP; Times They Are A Changin’ LP
Deerhoof – Milkman 180g LP (Yellow vinyl)
Descendents – Milo Goes To College LP
Dirty Beaches – Badlands LP
DJ Shadow – The Less You Know The Better CD
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Up From Below LP
Fitz & The Tantrums – Pickin’ Up The Pieces LP
Friendly Fires – Pala LP
Gogol Bordello – Gypsy Punks LP; Super Taranta LP
John Coltrane – A Love Supreme LP; Coltrane LP; Lush Life LP
Knife – Silent Shout LP
Lee Perry – Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Cornbread LP
Miles Davis – Bitches Brew 2LP; In A Silent Way LP; Kind Of Blue LP
Neon Indian – Era Extraña CD
Rapture – In the Grace of Your Love LP
Tom Waits – Swordfishtrombones LP
Toro Y Moi – Freaking Out 12”
Various – Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon LP
Wilco – A Ghost Is Born 2LP; A.M. 2LP
Zombies – Odyssey & Oracle LP