Ahol Sniffs Glue Exclusive T-Shirt Release at (((SHAKE))) This Thursday

This Thursday at The Vagabond may be your only chance to get the fresh new AHOL SNIFFS GLUE shirt! Printed in a limited edition of 50 by the infamous Iron Forge Press, these will go fast.

The design features Ahol’s new character you’ve seen in the genius (((SHAKE))) promo images (see below) he releases on Twitter. Soon the image will take sticker form as well, and you can bet they’ll be popping up all over town by the original versions.

You can get into the release party for FREE by sending your name to SHAKE305@GMAIL.COM. Get down sounds provided by A-TRAIN & ROB RIGGS in the bar room. Bass and BBQ out back with DJs GOODDROID & TWO WAY, and Mary & Mo’s Catering. Don’t forget the AHOL SNIFFS GLUE shirts are only $20, available in sizes S to XL, and you can get exclusively them at (((SHAKE))) tomorrow night. Do your job.