No Work Tomorrow, Dance Downtown Tonight

We hope everyone’s enjoying their Labor Day weekend! No work or school tomorrow means we play tonight! Here are a couple good bets for downtown adventures within walking distance if you want to visit both. Enjoy!

Bass lovers need to be at EVE tonight to see a rare non-wmc appearance by UK Drum & Bass legend ANDY C! Dubstep bad boys 16BIT will also be in the building, and if you saw them for their GET LOW debut, you know they bring it hard. Guest MC for the evening will be ARMANNI REIGN. BassHead Music put together a killer local lineup featuring JUAN BASSHEAD & MC JUMANJI, ANIMAL KRACKERZ & BATS, SOMEJERK, GOODDROID, WILL MILES, NOME, SOPHEYE and more! More info on

If you’re feeling dark and mischevious, THE CHURCH is your answer for the evening! Hosted at The Vagabond with fetish party Submission, this event is sure to please. Musical orchestration by DANNY BLED, DRACULA’S DAUGHTER, RAY MILIAN, TOMMY GUN, CARMEL OPHIR, DINO, DESIREE, and NITEBLOOM. More details on the invite.