This Just In: Splitsville

As usual, we’ve got some excellent stuff in this week. This batch contains quite a few split releases – yay for collaboration! If you’re looking for wearable sound-related swag, we’ve also got some snazzy new shirts from Floridas Dying and Bleeding Palm. They’re available in the shop or via the wesbstore if you’re long-distance.

Foot Village/Super Khoumeissa – Split Series #21 12”:
“Ultimate team up between LA noise mongers Foot Village and Mali’s masters of Takamba, Super Khoumeissa. This is Super Khoumeissa’s first official recorded work to date and some Foot Village’s tastiest destructo jams! Good time fun for everyone!” Individually distressed and numbered packaging from FatCat.

Wet Nurse/Lazy Boyzzz – Wet ‘N Lazy Split 7”:
Self-produced, self-released Split 7″ from two of Orlando’s up and coming punk bands. Lazy Boyzzz offer three tracks of crude sloppy punk, and the all-girl Wet Nurse offers three tracks of poppy dual female vocal punk. Art by Ben Lyon. Comes with download code.

Bitches/Yuppies – Split 12”:
“The second limited 12” split from the Palmist label features two young bands both originating from their own respective DIY scenes, who together deliver an intense and gripping record that barely lets up over its 30 minutes+ running time. Whilst both bands have an interest in what could loosely be described as the tradition of punk music, they explore this in very different ways; BITCHES’ tightly wound interlocking rhythms contrasting perfectly with the sloppy spontaneity of Yuppies’ 8-track recordings.”

Other new/new-ish stuff and restocks:
Animal Collective – Sung Tongs 180g 2LP
Arrange – Plantation LP
Botany – Feeling Today 12”
Cop City Chill Pillars – Held Hostage On Planet Chill LP
Electric Bunnies – Through The Magical Door LP
Gardens & Villa – Gardens & Villa LP
Lil Daggers – Lil Daggers LP
Midnite Snaxxx – Guy Like That 7”
Modest Mouse – Sad Sappy Sucker LP; The Fruit That Ate Itself LP
Moonface – Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped LP
Personal & The Pizzas – Dead Meat 7”
Sleaze – Called You Once 7”
U.S. Girls/Slim Twig – Split 12”