Un1-Verse Data Bands on Deck

Last Thursday’s (((SHAKE))) (come through tonight!) was full of rad! When my old ass needed a break from dancing to A-TRAIN & ROB RIGGS, I snuck over to the Rock of Ages set, grabbed a handful of Twizzlers from craft services, and watched some big movie magic being made in Miami. To make it better, the homies from Metro Zu slid through The Vagabond and blessed me with the super swag Data Bands their label Un1-Verse just put out! Each bracelet is filled with 4 gigabytes of music, art, video and literature from label artists Metro Zu, Shuttle Life, Lowercase, Kidd Lucid, freebase!, Ruben Slikk, and Village South. Get yours online, or at Sweat this Saturday when Metro Zu plays live with Shuttle Life, ARK IX and CHALK.

Next week at (((SHAKE))) will be great too, as it’s time again for GET LOW! I wrote a piece on the new Tropicult blog where I discuss Miami’s bass music culture, including GET LOW, Miami Dubstep, and some of the great artists mentioned above. Take a look, leave a comment, and share it if you like. See you out.

Melvin Van Peebles with his band!