Steam Tonight and MellowHype BlackenedWhite

Miami is rich with awesome tonight. As we mentioned, Casa De Ha-Ha at the shop tonight and Torche, Big Business are playing next door at Churchill’s. There’s also a great little shindig going down at Fox’s tonight called STEAM, and I’ll be there playing tunes as ATTA BOY. Put together by DJ TWO WAY of Where Were U in ’02?, STEAM started as a night for music geeks to come, drink for cheap and hang out. Sounds like a plan!

I’ll definitely have some Odd Future up my sleeve, especially since OFWGKTA duo MellowHype released their album “BlackenedWhite” today. The label sent some posters, so I’ll have those to give away at STEAM. I’ll be playing around 11:30 if you want to stop by and hear some weird stuff.