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Start your weekend off right by stopping in and picking up something from our recent intake of books and music. Hell, we’ve even got books about music! Also, our used vinyl section has exploded, boasting a ton more jazz, rock, hip-hop, soul, pop and random miscellany. Yes!

Prurient – Bermuda Drain CS:
“Dominick Fernow has been delivering genre defining noise/experimental/electronic releases as Prurient (and via his slew of other bands/collaborations, including Cold Cave, Ash Pool and others) for nearly a decade and a half, many on his own NYC based Hospital Productions… On these nine tracks, we can clearly hear the echoes of Prurient’s howling past, but are also faced with something perhaps even more unsettling – that being the territory of the unknown present and its indication of possible futures. The album, both in content and sound, is at once violent, magnetic, abrasive and emotional.” –Hydra Head

Girls To The Front – The True Story Of The Riot Girl Revolution, By Sara Marcus:
“Riot Grrrl roared into the spotlight in 1991: an uncompromising movement of pissed-off girls with no patience for sexism and no intention of keeping quiet. Young women everywhere were realizing that the equality they’d been promised was still elusive, and a newly resurgent right wing was turning feminism into the ultimate dirty word…

Girls to the Front, the first-ever history of Riot Grrrl, is a lyrical, punk-infused narrative about a group of extraordinary young women coming of age angrily, collectively, and publicly. A dynamic chronicle not just of a movement but of an era, this is the story of a time when America thought young people were apathetic and feminism was dead, but a generation of noisy girls rose up to prove everybody wrong.”

Queens Of The Stone Age – Queens Of The Stone Age 2LP (2011 Remastered Edition):
“If this re-issue doesn’t document ‘hour zero,’ it’s only a few minutes past. ‘Regular John’ introduces [Josh] Homme as a smooth and assured vocalist with great melodic instinct. Tracks like ‘Avon’ and ‘Walkin On Sidewalks’ lock into heavy riffs that are in entrancing in their repetition and subtle shifts. And it’s hard to believe that insistently catchy ‘How To Handle A Rope’ didn’t make a greater impact on mainstream radio upon its initial release. Amidst the mid-fi riffage and willful experimentalism of an artist forging a new sound for himself are some killer guitar melodies that could have easily come from 1971, 1991 or 2011. And that’s part of the timelessness of this unassuming debut album.” Includes three rarities: “The Bronze,” “These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For,” and “Spiders and Vinegaroons.”

Yes yes y’all, and you don’t stop…

Words And The Like:
Banksy Notecards!!!
Believer Presents 52 Weeks Heads & Quotes: Planner
David Cross – I Drink For A Reason
Johnny Cash: The Autobiography
John Joseph – Evolution Of A Cro-Magnon
Lester Bangs – Psychotic Reactions & Carburetor Dung
Official High Times Pot Smoker’s Handbook
Rob Jovanovic – Perfect Sound Forever/The Story Of Pavement
Tokyo Street Fashion Books by Phaidon: Fruits; Fresh Fruits; Gothic & Lolita

5,6,7,8’s – Bomb The Rocks: Singles 2LP
Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Part Two 2LP+7”; Best Of Grand Royal 12’s 2LP; Too Many Rappers 12”
Black Lips – Arabia Mountain LP
Brian Eno – Before And After Science 180g LP
Brian Jonestown Massacre – Illuminomi 10” (Red vinyl)
Can – Tago Mago 2LP (Green & gold vinyl)
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – Rome LP
Ghost – Opvs Eponymovs LP (Random colored vinyl)
James Blake – Air & Lack Thereof 12”
Jesus And Mary Chain – Complete John Peel Sessions 2LP
Jesus Lizard – Liar LP (Deluxe Remastered Reissue)
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart / Transmission 7” (Edition of 300)
Mickey Munday – Tall Tales CD
Neu! – Neu! LP
Psychic Mirrors – Mystic Hustle 7″
Stephen Colbert With The Black Belles – Charlene II 7″
Stevie Wonder – Innervisions LP
Sugar – Copper Blue 180g LP
The Cramps – Psychedelic Jungle LP
Tripping Daisy – I Got A Girl 12”
Ty Segall – Goodbye Bread LP