REGGIE WATTS Ticket Giveaway!

This week, comedian/musician/beatboxer/all-around-funny-dude-we-wanna-hang-out-with REGGIE WATTS is coming to the Miami Light Project‘s brand new space in Wynwood! You may recognize Reggie from seeing him on Conan (he opened for him on his Legally Prohibited tour) or from his NSFW music videos.

He’s playing Thursday and Friday evening, tickets are only $15 but you could also win a pair right here.  Comment below with a valid email address to enter, and no duplicate entries please.  We’ll select a winner at random tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4pm.  Good luck!

37 thoughts on “REGGIE WATTS Ticket Giveaway!

  1. Dear Gods of Fate and all good things like Chocolate:
    I have a definitive plan to marry Reggie Watts. Unfortunately, he does not know this, and I am currently broke like a not-funny joke. If you could see fit to grant me these tickets, I promise to do EVEN MORE charity work this year and to high-five more strangers. I also promise to limit my use of the word, “bitch-hole.” please, please, please and ty! -goobs watts <—see how nice that sounds?

  2. I like free tickets
    I like free tickets
    I like the concept of free tickets
    I like to take that concept and reduce it to an object
    I like to take those objects and put ’em in my pocket!

  3. I want these tickets! Now!…..come on, i’m a 31 year old grown-ass man begging!

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