Interpol Ticket/Meet&Greet Giveaway!

Hey Sweaters, we’ve got a very special giveaway today…

This Friday, INTERPOL are playing live at the Fillmore Miami Beach and you could win tickets AND hang out with the band!

Comment below to enter, two lucky peeps will each win a pair of tickets and a meet-and-greet with the band before the show!

The winners will be selected at random Wednesday at noon, and tickets to the show (with opening act School of Seven Bells!) are still available here.  Thanks to the Fillmore and Matador Records for hooking this up!

141 thoughts on “Interpol Ticket/Meet&Greet Giveaway!

  1. a little poem for the sake of interpol:

    Sounds drown in an asphyxiation of constant content
    impulses on glistening women and sweating men
    money accumulates but transcends to the rent
    If I could see the lights and figures, I would act ten
    for all loose change and love I could give to embrace
    just to see a couple of new yorks finest
    submit these words before the end of a race
    Improper stature, relentless tendencies cause this sinus
    once the noon flames of the sun arrive it will be done
    for all these comments will decide the lucky two
    nothing compares to the exhilaration i have now, none
    all I want is to live the dream, but who?
    patience within the next hours to know the truth
    interpol is my shrine of blessings, forever in youth.

  2. I’d love this opportunity, been an Interpol fan since they turned on the bright lights 😉

  3. Me please!, That’s my last night in Miami, I’m going back to Seattle the next day. I need to have a memorable event. Pick Me please!!

  4. I love Interpol, grown up jammin’ to them. I won’t write a giant paragraph, but I’d be more than thrilled if you picked me. Got to see em last time at the fillmore but a brotha is broke this time around. :'(

  5. I would like to ask them what it was like touring with Q and Not U.

    Plus I think I have an awesome name.

  6. I wanna meet Interpol so badly! I’ve been a fan for so long! I do anything to meet them! I <3 Antics!!

  7. Feast your eyes, I’m the only one
    Control me, console me
    ‘Cause that’s just how it should be done.
    Oh, all your history’s like fire from a busted gun
    I show some love and respect
    I don’t wanna get a life of regret

    But baby you can see that the gazing eye won’t lie
    Don’t give up your lover tonight………………….



  8. my brother and i have not spoken since the last interpol show… i messed up his night… this would be a great ammends… hoping for the best!

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