Sweatstock 2011 Recap!

Hey Sweaters!  We’ve finally recovered enough to finish up the recap page for last Saturday’s Sweatstock 2011 festival/block party!

It was the biggest event we’ve ever done to date and it was a massive success–easily the best day in Sweat history!  Save for 10 minutes of rain it was an all-around perfect day and we are so proud that it was 100% local.  Thanks again SO MUCH to everyone who helped and came out. Check out the page below for all the press, tons of photos, videos, a full list of thank yous.

Sweatstock 2011 (and here’s the Sweatstock 2010 page too).

Mark your calendars for next year’s Sweatstock on Saturday, April 21, 2012!

Customers scooping up all the juicy Record Store Day goodies