SweatShop Is Back; RSD Teez + Kicks!

Woohoo!  Just three days after having our mainframe stolen, our e-store SweatShopMiami.com is back in business!  (Thank goodness for online file storing and syncing technology.)

Moving on… Big ups to local label Shady Teez for designing a limited edition t-shirt for our 2011 Record Store Day celebrations!  The design is below, with their robot mascot decked out in Sweat colors and chilling with our own Lionel Vinyl on a piece of wax.  Check out their full inventory on our site and score one of these Teez at Sweatstock.

Annnd, on RSD at Sweat you can also enter to win an Onitsuka Tiger backpack and a gift certificate for a fresh new pair of sneakers.  All more reasons to come out!

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