Upcoming Foodtastic Events!

Besides music and vinyl, another thing we love around here is delicious vegan food!  We’ve got a couple of great events coming up where we’re all gonna chow down.  Read on…

This Saturday, February 26th is the fifteenth Pure Imagination Live. If you still somehow haven’t heard the enchanting stores of PI, download some episodes for free or subscribe to the free podcast by looking up “Pure Imagination” on iTunes.  The stories, with live improvised music accompaniment, start at 9 but come earlier at 7pm for a vegan potluck dinner!  The last few have been sumptuous with people bringing in all sorts of great dishes.

This Sunday is another fantabulous WAFFLE PARTY! We’re slowly but surely building an army of waffle fanatics who are making Sunday waffle brunch at Sweat a new tradition.  As always it goes from noon to 3pm and $6 will get you a huge made-to-order vegan Belgian waffle and whatever you like from our topping bar.  Coffee and OJ and hot chocolate available too!

Looking ahead a little we’ve got a special event of interest to all local animal lovers.  On Tuesday, March 8th vegan veterinarian Armaiti May, DVM (Los Angeles) is traveling the country giving talks about animal rights activism, veterinary medicine, and will also be able to answer common questions about caring for your pets.  There’s a vegan potluck starting at 7pm and the talk is at 8:30pm. Thanks to Emerge, EarthSave and ARFF for helping out with this one!