PERCUSSION CONFERENCE @ International Noise Conference 2011

For the past week, Florida (Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, and Gainesville) has been ablaze with circuit bent toys, one string guitars and every other form of damaged cacophony. Now it’s time for the main event: International Noise Conference 2011.

Thursday night, get your eardrums warmed up with PERCUSSION CONFERENCE 2011. CALLING ALL DRUMMERS: Report to the back patio at Churchill’s Pub @ 11PM. All forms of percussion – digital or analog, conventional or experimental – are welcome.

Click the jump after the, ahem, “lo-fi” flyer below for lotsa info on INC 2011.

Check out the official International Noise Conference website.

Ten Super Eclectic Acts Not To Miss At The International Noise Conference


7PM – Circuit Bending Workshop @ Sweat

10PM – I.N.C. PRE-PARTY w/ Dick Hammer’s Late Night Inferno.

Read all about the pre-INC fiesta on Crossfade. And here’s the Facebook RSVP.

THURSDAY: I.N.C. Day One: Locals

And we’re off….with weird Miami standards like Dino Felipe, hahahelp!, Aiden DillardXela Zaid, Amanda Green and Luciano Guidini, not to mention a special 15 minute noise set from none other than Otto Von Schirach. Special guests include Philadelphia’s FUN, Nashville’s Container, and North Carolina’s Clang Quartet. For a proper start to your I.N.C. weekend, we highly recommend sticking it out for the Laundry Room Squelchers.

FRIDAY: I.NC. Day Two curated by Cephia’s Treat Records

Friday is often my personal favorite night of I.N.C., because its always a great survey of what the Florida noise scene is up to. It’s also the night that best exemplifies the diversity of I.N.C. “noise,” featuring everything from roaring electronics (Georgia’s Oubliette and Tampa’s S2K) to savage post-punk (Lake Worth’s Cop City Chill Pillars, and the Tampa-based crAow, Boulders and Neon Blud) and lo-fi synth pop action (Skeleton Warrior, Diamond Hymen and Outmode all from Tampa).

SATURDAY: I.N.C. Day Three

The third day of I.N.C. separates the sane from the deaf, the reasonable citizen from the unwashed maniac. Show starts at 3 PM. See you there.

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