MISS Frickin’ KITTIN Tonight!

Back in high school I was the Miami street rep for pioneering electro/eclectic record label Emperor Norton (RIP).  One day in the mail I got a promo for an album called Miss Kittin and The Hacker. It stood out with minimal yet incredibly catchy retro-influenced beats, aloof yet alluring vocals, and the standout tracks “Frank Sinatra” and “1982” that remain dancefloor classics to this day.

Since then Miss Kittin (nee Caroline Hervé) has released a handful of great albums and 12″s and established herself as a techno/electro mainstay.  The Vagabond and Sweat Records are extremely excited to have her spinning live tonight for her first Miami show in years. She’ll be DJing on the club’s mega Funktion One sound system in the main room around 12.30 so get ready to shake your body like the dance.

Pre-sale tickets are available here until 7pm and we recommend arriving early to avoid the line.  $3 PBR tallboys and $5 Russian Standard vodka ’til midnight too.  See you tonight.