Win Some CAKE

Sacramento rock band CAKE are celebrating 20 years of music with a new tour and album.  Showroom of Compassion came out this week and you can stream the whole thing online right here.

Cake are playing this Saturday night at the very cool Sunset Cove Amphiteather in Broward and you can win a pair of tickets right now!

Comment below with a valid email address to enter and we’ll pick a winner tomorrow morning at 10am, AND we’ll announce another giveaway…  Good luck!

52 thoughts on “Win Some CAKE

  1. If you pick me, first: Can I transfer the ticket to the St. Petersburg show this weekend? If not, then give them to someone else. If so, please give them to me! 😀

  2. Some beloved friends of mine in California saw CAKE not too long ago and they considered it a truly divine experience. I would love nothing more than the chance to be enlightened myself. Here’s to you CAKE, one of the finest rock bands to come out of the 90’s and one of the best bands I’ve had the pleasure of growing up with!

  3. “When you sleep…
    Where do your fingers go?
    What do your fingers know?”

    MY fingers know that they want to be at that show on Saturday!

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