Get Sick With Manchester’s Virus Syndicate

The Vagabond promises to be so ill Thursday, January 13th when VIRUS SYNDICATE. infects Miami! The crew consists of 3 MCs (GOLDFINGER, JSD and NIKA) and their Producer/DJ MRK1. They’re coming our way from Manchester, UK with their infectious dubstep/grime/hip hop sound. JUAN BASSHEAD, WRECK, ASHWORTH, J DEAN, MC JUMANJI + THE NOMEwill be backing them up with ROMULO DEL CASTILLO outside and A-TRAIN + ROB RIGGS in the Bar Room. You can still get tickets for the 21st edition of our monthly dubstep massive by clicking here. And if you want to go for free, check the Miami Dubstep blog!  Do your job. (((SHAKE)))