Sweat Eats: Yummy Vegan Empanadas

As some of you may know, Sweat Records has the best Vegan Empanadas in town! We’ve kept them kind of secret, so we could eat them all ourselves, heh. The next time you stop by the shop for some records, tea, vegan marshmallows, or espresso, make sure you try our delicious Vegan Empanadas. They’re made fresh with love by our friend Tiara with the following ingredients:

Curry: potato, sweet potato, garlic, sweet onion, sweet peas, yellow curry power and other spices

Spinach: spinach, sun dried tomato, garlic, sweet onion, and sweet peas

1 thought on “Sweat Eats: Yummy Vegan Empanadas

  1. Looks damn good! I also love the format of your store. We need a coffee shop, record store, book store and vegan treat depot in San Francisco.
    La Caprichosa
    Sweet Rocket 99 Vintage
    San Francisco, USA

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