WEDNESDAY: Erick Lyle (Scam Zine)

This Wednesday (12/22/10), Sweat hosts journalist/author/zine-ster Erick Lyle for a special in-store reading from his new anthology SCAM: The First Four Issues. The reading begins at 8PM and in lieu of a cover charge we’ll be passing a donation hat to help Erick with travel costs. Facebook RSVP

In the mid-90s, Lyle was an integral member of the South Florida punk scene, regularly performing at Churchill’s and Everglades generator shows with his band Chickenhead. His greatest contribution to the scene was the excellent (and still running!) fanzine, SCAM. From the early days of pranks and punk degeneracy, through his highly literate musings on squatting in Coconut Grove, up to his contemporary activist-journalist writings on social justice issues, SCAM is an absolutely essential document of punk and anarchism in North America.

Lyle is also a frequent contributor to the San Francisco Bay Guardian and countless punk zines, including Maximum Rock N Roll; and Error, edited by Sam McPheeters. He has written and performed several pieces for NPR’s This American Life.

5 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY: Erick Lyle (Scam Zine)

  1. Haha! the most A-political venue putting on a Scam reading. They wouldn’t even do a freaking Haiti benefit, what a joke.

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  3. @Sam: What are you talking about? We raised almost 5k together with The Vagabond for Haitian earthquake relief last January.

    What have you done lately?

  4. P.S. Our coffee/snack bar is vegan and Emerge Miami ( meet here every Tuesday. I guess we’re still a record store and not an infoshop or squat, but I don’t think it’s accurate/fair to describe Sweat Records as “apolitical.”

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