Waffle Party THIS Sunday Afternoon

Who doesn’t love waffles? Filthy heathens, that’s who.  We’re joking, but we think you’d be insane not to check out our WAFFLE PARTY this Sunday at Sweat!

Come out for this brunchtime affair, where $5 will get you a huge vegan Belgian waffle and unlimited access to our awesome smorgasbord of toppings.  Expect real maple syrup, an array of fresh fruits, dark chocolate chips, soy whip cream and much more.  We promise you’ll walk out making yummy noises and rubbing your belly.  See you this Sunday!

P.S. To our vegan peeps, the next full-on vegan potluck at Sweat is next Saturday, December 18th at 7pm, right before the next Pure Imagination Live!

1 thought on “Waffle Party THIS Sunday Afternoon

  1. Aaaawesome! So excited to see you’re keeping the energy going in the winter time, alongside some other cool-looking vegan potluck events! And you certainly don’t get real maple syrup everywhere…

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