This “Black Friday” Sweat Records is having its first-ever BLACK FRIDAY GARAGE SALE! ALL new LPs and CDs are 10% off, and any used record over three bucks will be $2 off.  We’re also marking down a TON of other toys and merch, giving away free swag, and there will be a bake sale courtesy of Emerge Miami!

Most people aren’t aware that we have a storage/warehouse space right behind the shop.  We’re getting rid of it at the end of the month and have spent the last several days going through all the records and miscellanea back there to clear it out and there’s some really cool stuff!

If you make music based on samples, if you like to scan old artwork, or if you’re just looking for some new random tunes to check out, EVERY record in our warehouse space will be three for a dollar! There’s everything in the world back there – from classic rock to ’80s Latin love jams to evangelist records to obscure freestyle to classical and kids albums to world music compilations to hip hop from every era and back again.

We’ll be open early (but not insane, wait-in-line, camping out early) at 10am and closing at our usual 10pm. PLEASE support local/independent business this Black Friday and shop Sweat Records!


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