Strange Days #6

This TUESDAY (11/23), Roofless Records presents STRANGE DAYS #6: Pop Music Telepathic Discussion Panel. Attendees are encouraged to psychically confabulate on the subject of Pop Music. Non-verbal discussion points include: “what is Pop?” and “is Pop good?” The special guest panel is comprised of local miscreants known for their visceral engagement of the Pop idiom, as well as their extrasensory prowess: hahahelp! (loose pop like a light-headed Yo La Tengo); DHARMA DAYS (new V.U. fuzz trio featuring Dion Kerr from Partial People and Chronic Youth, as well as Rachel Goodrich on bass); TRILOBITES (sunny vibes lo-fi pop from 3/4 of Flower Flower); and TREESA (icy, metallic, minimal pop). Show starts at 9PM and costs $3. Facebook RSVP

Strange Days is a monthly experimental music showcase featuring noise, post-punk, avant-garde composition/performance and beyond. This will be the last Strange Days of 2010, but the series will return in the new year.