(Political) Party With Black Bobby Friday!

This Friday Black Bobby’s Rekkid Stow Party returns and this time it’s also a release party!  Bobby’s about to drop some Presidential Shit and he’ll be performing tracks from the album giving away free CDs, and The Good Life will be on hand selling some sweet t-shirts.

Read this great interview with BB over at Beached Miami, read more about the album in his own words below, and then come out before you hit the clubs Friday night.  No cover and all ages welcome! Free hip hop for everyone…

“I’m building a movement to preserve Hip-Hop and bring freedom/independence to our generation through my music and my background.  Movements are not built overnight.  And, soon we’re going to take our movement on the road.  First, I’m going to start with monthly shows in Miami and DC.  I’m already doing my monthly show here.  I have a band in DC that is going to help me get the party cranking up there.  My big cousin Ron Sutton, Jr. is an AMAZING Alto Sax player and is part of the band.  I’ve been linking with a TON of DC artists and residents through Twitter and Facebook.  Its going to be a PARTY when I get to the good DMV.

Presidential Shit is more like an album than a mixtape.  There are NO COVERS on my album.  I was going to do a mix of covers and original material.  But, I was inspired to change direction based on comments from friends, fans, etc and my own feeling that its time for me to show you how Black Bobby albums will sound.  People always tell me that my music is “better than the radio.”  That’s cool.  I’m glad you appreciate the work and substance I put into my songs.  So, now I want to show you what my contribution to the genre will be if I had access to the best producers like the big boys have.

For my album I leased beats from Best Kept Secret- a production team in DC that is most famous for the Pretty Girls beat they did for Wale.  I have several Oddisee beats that I got for free from his amazing, free beat tapes.  And I rounded off my production with two beats from a new producer here in Miami- Soulviet.”