WEDNESDAY: Strange Days #5 @ Sweat

Wednesday night (9PM) at Sweat, Roofless Records hosts the fifth anniversary edition of the monthly STRANGE DAYS experimental music showcase (Facebook RSVP) This very special episode will feature a raffle (prizes = deliriously stupid), lazy DJing (pick a decent record, let it spin) and a diverse, cutting edge lineup featuring at least 2 cross-pollinated genres per band.

RAJA KHAN and AMANDA GREEN are no strangers to Miami’s weird party scene: Raja just played at Sweat this past Friday as part of the Free Flux Forces benefit, and their unbridled, Cream b/w of In Search Of Space psychedelic power rock left buzzing eardrums lusting for more; Amanda has been a fixture of outsider/experimental music in Miami for some time, and her performances range from broken toy nursery rhyme pop for garbage pail kids, to no holds barred squelch collabos with boy toy Luciano Guidini (together the pair forms WEIRD ALeister Crowley).

The rest of the lineup is comprised of THE FUTURE: fresh-faced, wide-eyed new bands feverishly forging the bummers and blisses of tomorrow. RARE FRUIT, solo ambient/electronic (samples + original music) from a former Voodoo Crystal, had the internet buzzing with his 2009 demo, and this performance will mark his valiant return to South Florida after some time abroad. MEAT is a new rock and roll (“fuzz grunge freakout” is the word in the alleys) group featuring muppet baby freaks from Ice Cream and Necro Fabulous. Making his South Florida debut will be EYELASH, with looping, dreamily intricate guitar stylings a la minimalist composer Steve Reich, and contemporary math rock bands like Battles (the first two EPs) and Ecstatic Sunshine. All for only $3!