This Saturday, October 16, Roofless Records, in collaboration with the end, presents MIAMI MICRO-SHOW. 15 bands will play for one minute each. If any act runs one second over sixty the crowd is responsible for storming the stage and ending the set. 15 bands in 15 minutes!  The extra special guests of honor will be Philadelphia, PA‘s post-human performance/sound-art duo, FUN, who will be traveling to Miami to play for 60 seconds. Cover is $.25 and there will be free waterDoors @ 10:30, Show @ 10:45, Exit @ 11:00. This will start and end on time. the end @ little river yacht club – 70 NW 73rd Street

FUN will also join Roofless Records live on WVUM this Saturday from 6-7PM for a Micro-Show preview and a pair of in-studio performances, featuring accompaniment by noise guru Rat Bastardwvum.org or 90.5 FM

flyer by Brian Butler

(pre INC) Microshow: FUN – 02-05-2010 from Breathmint on Vimeo.