Flaming Lips Winner/MGMT Giveaway

First things first – congrats to Stacy, lucky commenter #44 who won a pair of tickets to go see THE FLAMING LIPS‘ sure-to-be-awesome live show this Saturday, October 16th at the Sunset Cove Amphitheater in Boca!  For the rest, tickets are still available here and perhaps your luck will be better for the next giveaway…

…which is right now!  Comment below to enter to win a pair of tickets to the sold out MGMT/Kuroma show on Tuesday, October 26th at the Fillmore!  All duplicate entries will be deleted so no funny business and we’ll pick a winner Wednesday morning at 10am.  Go!

133 thoughts on “Flaming Lips Winner/MGMT Giveaway

  1. My last post was clever but apparently that holds no weight with the giveaway judges. Therefore I’ll try a different tact. If I win I will give the tickets to Stacy’s teenagers and let her drive them to the show because I’m a stranger and that would be inappropriate.

  2. Meee!!! Please Please Please! I’ve been waiting years to see them live and I didn’t have a job when the tickets came ooout :'(

  3. MGMT speaks to my soul and winning these tickets mean more than life itself to me. And I love Sweat!

  4. s’il vous plaît

    I actually had a dream last night that I was hanging out with them. It’s clearly a sign.

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