BEINGS, Shoppers + Sloane Peterson

Wednesday night at Sweat is the third and final installment of the Miami Is The Only True Reality in-store series.  Don’t miss this show featuring intimate but loud in-store performances by BEINGS, SHOPPERS (NYC) and SLOANE PETERSON – more about the bands after the jump.

The flier says 7 but the show is actually at 8.30 and will set you back a mere five bucks.  See you there!

SHOPPERS – new york indie trio, heavy & abrasive accompanied by shouted, urgent vocals & superb melody. their sound is unique but mimes certain elements of RAINER MARIA and even some SONIC YOUTH. their three song cassette out now via drugged conscience titled ‘you shot me and i woke up in my next life’ is available currently. this tour they will have a new 4 song ep of brilliant material. you can listen to the entire tape and even see some live footage on their website. (

BEINGS – fresh off their tour with TORCHE, these miami stalwarts will be playing locally again with their signature sound that jumps from frantic to melodic so quickly. a heavy shoegaze vibe with this band, like SLOWDIVE, or RIDE. should have a new LP very soon on amnesian records. (

SLOANE PETERSON – miami pop punk in vein of the THERMALS or SUPERCHUNK. off key melodies, and i would say fast pop tunes but the most recent material has dropped speed a bit. a new full length is in the works, so new songs will be played at this show. the newest three song ep titled “second chances” was release via hang up records in may. (

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  1. sounds good! i will surely be rounding up a posse and heading in that direction. never been to one of your events, 🙂

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