Xperimento, Dubstep + Hottpants This Saturday

When I tell people our Saturday party at The Electric Pickle is called GET SOME, I’m often asked “Get Some what?” Well, the idea is that you can come to the party and Get Some of whatever you want. For example, downstairs tomorrow we have a live performance by XPERIMENTO (featuring members of the Grammy-nominated Locos Por Juana) alongside DJ HOTTPANTS + KEEN ONE. While upstairs we have a dubstep smashdown with former ULTRABLACK (they killed GET LOW back in December) member SLUGGO, LA’s BARE, JUAN BASSHEAD + MC JUMANJI. Last week we had an amazing performance by Chillwave artist TORO Y MOI. Next Saturday we welcome PHANTOGRAM.

As you can see, no matter what genre of music you prefer, you can Get Some with us. Early birds can Get Some 1/2 price drinks from 9-11pm. Our DJs will make you Get Some dancing done, and if it’s done right you should Get Some later that night.  When you need a break, step outside and Get Some air, BBQ, and billiards. What else could you want? I’ll tell you where to Get Some.

4 thoughts on “Xperimento, Dubstep + Hottpants This Saturday

  1. Xperimento Grammy nominated Artist???? Totally a Lie.. i Work for the Grammy Comitte and i Never Heard a band Being nominated Maybe What They Trying to Say is That Locos por Juana Was Nominated to the Grammys!
    Please Xperimento do not say Staments that Are NOT true False Press don’t make good Thing

    just a Constructive Cristism

  2. and u are %100 right-Xperimento has never been nominated for a grammy-whomever wrote this blurb was not correct-and Xperimento never promotes that as such.what is correct is that 4 members from Xperimento were formerly from Locos por Juana-hence they are grammy nominated artists..thanks for setting the record straight!

  3. not only is your statement wrong, jose morales, but also you have no idea what you are talking about. this blurb is right on thank you to jsin. soula is correct and incorrect. Xperimento is currently comprised of ex-members (5 in total) of the band Locos Por Juana which received two nominations from the Recording Academy at times when said members were still in the group and key components to their sound. (2005 and 2008) Xperimento’s members have individually been part of several other Grammy nominated & Grammy WINNING projects and never promotes, as a band, to have been nominated or won anything. if anyone is misleading it is the 3 remaining memebers of LPJ who are only holding on to a name that is attached to awards, accolades and an entire style that they currently do not represent.

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