This Just In: Primary Texts

Here are two great new additions to the “local authors” section of the Sweat bookshelf.

Scam Zine: The First Four Issues (Microcosm Publishing) is a beautiful, comprehensive collection of Miami-era Scam Zine, the seminal South Florida (and later San Francisco) punk rock fanzine. Erick Lyle (known in these pages as Iggy Scam) takes the reader on a journey from hustles (a la Steal This Book) and punk rock goonery, through poignant and literary depictions of living on the fringes, ultimately toward articulate and informed radical activism. Flyers, guest columns, interviews and the author’s signature handwritten musings all make this an essential collection for anyone interested in Miami, punk, DIY publishing and all possible combinations of those subjects.

Miami Muralist: Serge Toussant Neighborhood Paintings By A Hatian Artist

The photo above is of one of the seemingly infinite murals and signage by local artist Serge Toussaint‘s. Serge’s handiwork is sprinkled throughout the city, with dense clumps in Little Haiti and Overtown. His signature style is an iconic Miami staple and this collection, curated and edited by Rachel Goldberg, pairs Serge’s first-hand testimonial with a thorough survey of his work.

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