This Just In

!!!Strange Weather, Isn’t It? (CD, LP)

Ra Ra RiotThe Orchard (CD)

Two new full lengths from much blogged about indie rock outfits: the new LP from !!! finds the group shedding the compositional fat of their past few releases and making a return to their funk-punk roots. Ra Ra Riot’s new album pairs delicate hooks and sentimental melody with epic chamber pop flourishes (recommended for fans of Sufjan Stevens, The Arcade Fire and Andrew Bird).

Mogwai – Special Moves: Live In Brooklyn, NY 2009 (CD+DVD combo)

Melvins / Isis – Split 12”

On the zone out tip, we’ve got the new live album/DVD from Mogwai, which collects the best live recordings from the group’s series of shows in Brooklyn, and comes with Vincent Moon‘s black and white concert film, Burning. Similarly spacey (but with a lot more snarling riffage) is the new split EP from stalwart sludge bands, The Melvins and Isis.