JAMES Ticket Giveaway

“This bed is on fiiiiire with passionate love/the neighbors complain about the noises above…”

Oh yes, recently reunited Manchester indie band JAMES are actually coming to South Florida!  They play Culture Room on Monday, September 20th and we’ve heard great things about their high-energy live shows.  Tickets are available here but you can also enter to win a pair right now.

You know the drill – comment below (“say something, say something, anything”) with a valid email address and we’ll select a winner Monday 09/13 at 10am (and announce a new ticket giveaway).  Hopefully it’s your destiny calling to win…

(One of the best ‘best of’s ever!)

19 thoughts on “JAMES Ticket Giveaway

  1. Sometimes, when I look deep in your eyes, I swear I can see your soul. from james’ song, sometimes. LOVE.

    can’t. wait. to. see. james.

    oh & check out clubfeet’s cover of say something.

  2. Drawn by the undertow
    My life is out of control
    I believe this wave will bear my weight
    So let it flow….

    loves it…..

  3. James is so dear to me. When I was discovering my own being it is almost as if James was my soundtrack at that time. I remember my first trip on my own with my first girlfriend was to key west and Best of James, and Wah Wah were the two albums we were playing non stop on the drive there. On our drive back, we had “How was it for you?” on repeat the whole car ride home. Everytime we hear that song now it always takes us back to that moment in the car driving back to reality with the moonlight guiding us and JAMES BLASTING! I love James!!!!

  4. The name James is derived from the same Hebrew name as Jacob, meaning “holds the heel” .
    The name “Jimmy” is often used as a nickname for someone named James because Jimmy seems to be less formal.

  5. Man, I can’t believe I cannot convince anyone to come see these guys with me. My wife says they’re old and washed up and no one else I bring along to concerts know of this band. Maybe a free ticket would convince someone…

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