Urbanears MEDIS Review

If you’ve been by the shop in the last couple months, you’ve no doubt seen the colorful Urbanears “Plattan” Headphones we’ve got on display near the counter.  They’re the classic over-the-ear style and have been selling like hotcakes due to their awesome features.

Now the same company has come out with a line of something much-needed on the market: really well-designed, functional earbuds that actually stay in your head.

Urbanears new “Medis” have just arrived at Sweat and they are awesome. For ages I’d been searching for a pair of headphones to run with and tried a variety of options that were either uncomfortable, didn’t stay in well, or broke.  The standard iPhone headphones don’t cut it – they start slipping as soon as you get sweaty and fall out if you even bend down to tie your shoe.  I’ve been testing the Medis out on runs for a few weeks now and have zero complaints.  Several sweat-soaked miles in they were still holding strong and they sound great.

So yes, highly recommended!  We’ve got black, white, red, dark grey, navy, light blue and yellow in stock right now at a super-sweet “introductory price” of just $40.  We haven’t seen them for less than $49 online and you’ll save on shipping with us too.  Pick up a pair today!

2 thoughts on “Urbanears MEDIS Review

  1. these are awesome! Urbanears need to come out with some bluetooth earbuds. until then, these would do just fine. ny next phase is running wearless… that and 10 miles without stopping.

  2. thats awesome– my dog just ate my old ipod earbuds, so i’ll have to buy a new pair and these look delicious!

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