Wau Y Los Arrrghs! Screening Thursday

Come out to Sweat tomorrow evening for a free movie night featuring a screening of Agachate Y Mira Mi Corazon, the new documentary about Spanish garage rock band WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! Seating is at 8pm, we roll the film at 8.30.  Read below for the full crazy description and come on out Thursday night!

Agáchate y Mira Mi Corazón (literally, Crouch Down and Look at My Heart) is a documentary on WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! or a mockumentary – call it what you will. Honest yet wild. Dirty and brutish. This is garaje Español – authentic as a tapa de morro (pork mouth), a cold caña of Mahou, or a kick in the crotch.

This unusual document, shot while hunting the band on the road, shows the process of gestation, recording and presentation (in front of the band’s insane fans) of their cro-magnon second album, which will no doubt be regarded a garage classic: “¡¡¡Viven!!!”

These five kings of Iberian garage-punk (the four brothers Slag and the Tasmanian devil) undress both body and soul: they’re disgusting, drink like hell, act like morons, speak no more than necessary, and shake up every joint they hit with their insolent repertoire – genuine hits of Spanish counter-culture.

This film, directed by Ramón Jiménez, with an X-ray in his ass, is underground to the bone and honest like a spit in the eye. It utilizes punk aesthethics and the DIY method in order to convey the brutal strength of this mutant band from Valencia, an icon of bad manners, raised under the Mediterranean sun, happily nourished with fritters and paellas, and brought up under the influence of a concoction of spirits like absinthe and carbonated red wine, a mix as dangerous as rock´n´roll.

You will see rare and bizarre displays of historic drunkenness, colossal messes, and unbelievable pogos where everybody hops and screams, chewing their cud. It’s a festival of barbaric behaviour and adorable eyesores that Barnum would have wanted in his circus!

It’s a trip to the early rock & roll underworld: dirty, gummy, prehistoric. You will love this party if you like B- and Z- movies made by the likes of John Waters, Jess Franco,Pedro Temboury; the thugs from La Banda Trapera del Rio; the incendiary live shows of Link Wray; ye-yé, surf, pure nonsense; and, most importantly, la fiesta… and total debauchery.

Agáchate y Mira Mi Corazón does not deceive, and its message is quite clear: better off dead, than square. WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! know it better than the devil himself.