Win Tickets To The Big Dubstep Show This Friday!

This Friday, Sept 10th is the huge 2 room, 18 and over dubstep/house/electro/techno extravaganza at Discotekka called BOOM!POW! Just look at the sick lineup below! The good people of Embrace, Culture, BassHead and Only Awesome gave us a pair of tickets to give away to the lovely readers of our blog. Just leave your valid email in the comment section, and we’ll announce a winner Thursday morning.

If you don’t win, there’s still time to get your tickets here at Sweat for only $15. They’ll be $20 at the door, so it’s definitely a good idea.

As an added freebie, here’s Excision’s beyond epic Shambala mix he released yesterday!

59 thoughts on “Win Tickets To The Big Dubstep Show This Friday!

  1. honestly i wouldve bought the tickets myself. this is a really cool thing you guys are doing for people. i cant pay for a ticket because of the budget i set for me and my family. it gets hard keeping things together sometimes but every now and then i get a break and i go to a show. this time i didnt have enough money to go due to certain circumstances but the thing that would make my week is if you gave these tickets to me. excision is amazing and ive been dying to see him perform live 🙂

  2. Ive been anticipating this for weeks, EXCISIONNNNNNN BABYYYY I cant wait…. Im friggin broke, gimme free tix so I dont have to sell my body on the dirty streets of miami just to get my daily dose of Dubstep plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!

    *Dubstep Nation baby*

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