Kings Of Leon/Black Keys Ticket Giveaway

Ticket giveaways are back!  You’re gonna wanna keep your browsers pointed in our direction because we’re giving away a pair to just about every good show coming up, and there are tons.

First up is a pair of tickets for the KINGS OF LEON/BLACK KEYS/THE WHIGS concert happening at the Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach on Friday, September 17th! [It is the 17th, not the 15th – thanks Goobs!]

You know the drill, comment below with a valid email address to enter.  We’ll select a winner at noon on Friday, September 3rd.  Tickets are still on sale here.  Good luck!

43 thoughts on “Kings Of Leon/Black Keys Ticket Giveaway

  1. pick me pleaseeeee! I heart both KoL and BK. I’ve seen them both in concert and this combo is going to be a-maz-ing!!

  2. I’ve never had luck.
    In fact, two buck chuck/
    said i might be in a rut.
    i hope two buck chuck gets attacked by African bees,
    & that I can win me some tix to the black keys!

  3. Straight up I’m just trying to listen to awesomemusic and bring a girl out to the show… KoL and Black keys would do all the work for me.

  4. I would beg and steal just to see Dan’s mind blowing soulful riff’s and Patrick’s beastly drum skills. Put my name on those tickets already and send them my way!

  5. Dear Sweat and maybe even all the people sweating this giveaway:
    I deserve these tickets because a) I love the Black Keys b) I have never seen them in concert, so who better than ME a Black Keys virgin to go and be deflowered by their awesometacious live sound? (Yeah, I made up a word!) c) I am the ONLY PERSON on this blog who has noticed that you have the wrong date up for this concert, which is Friday, September 17th and NOT the 15th.
    So, why not cut out some September 15th tickets out of construction paper for all these other ticket beggars and let them go to that imaginary show and give me the tickets to the show on the 17th!? A win for everyone! And lastly, d) I, the great meat eater, actually switched from regular smores to VEGAN SMORES sold at your store. I deserve these tickets for my effort to save animals. ex-oh-ex-oh, goobs PS: You can hardly taste the vegans in vegan smores. Very subtle flavor, those vegans.

  6. I Need these fucking tickets. One Is that I love this band, and there is this girl I really really like who also loves KOL and the Black Keyes. And I also buy my fare share of music on your store, I’ve been quite a faithful customer and have spoken nothing but wonders about this store.

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