Strange Days #4 (recaps here and here) was a transcendental lead off to a string of Roofless-curated events going down this week. In the near future: extreme performance art, Surfer Blood-related grunge, free beer, black metal, our favorite band, noise,  IDM + DnB, and more.

Below are the Event Listings and Facebook RSVPs, and, after the cut, the full scoop on the week’s spectacles.

TOMORROW, Wednesday, Sepember 1, 2010 @ Churchill’s Pub, 10 PM

LISTING / FACEBOOK – Justice Yeldham (Sydney Australia) w/ Solypsis (Phoenix, AZ), Slashpine, Father Finger (Tampa, FL), Hellmass, CrAow (Tampa, FL), Rat Bastard & Kenny Millions, Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn (West Palm Beach), and Creature Tweaker Council on the back patio.

Friday, September 3, 2010 @ The Guest Lab, 9PM

LISTING / FACEBOOK – Weird Wives (3/5 Surfer Blood + Nick Klein), hahahelp!, Skeleton Warrior (Tampa), Love Handles (Lake Worth) and Viking Funeral.


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This is going to be a zoo. Everyone is playing short sets, so don’t blink.  Lucas Abela is an internationally renowned sound artist from Sydney, Australia known for intensely physical, often dangerous performances. Under the Justice Yeldham moniker, Abela utilizes a pane of glass, some contact mics, and a handful of pedals to turn his face and mouth into bloody musical instruments. “The most exciting performance since I first saw Iggy Pop” – Bruce Russell (WIRE Magazine). “Oddly musical” – Noisewiki

A headliner like that calls for a kitchen sink lineup: black metal/thrash from Miami’s Slashpine and Hellmass; a special Laundry Room Squelchers set featuring freak saxophonist Kenny Millions; post-punk gloom from Tampa, FL’s Father Finger and CrAow; minimal electronics from Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn; holding down the back patio all night long will be Creature Tweaker Council (laptop sounds for creatures, tweakers, etc). RSVP


flyer by Laz

Two days later, Weird Wives play their first (and only?) show in 2010, and the lineup and venue couldn’t be cooler.

Weird Wives (photo by Hannah Nichols)

Featuring 3/5 of Surfer Blood and local artist Nick Klein, Weird Wives perform meaty, brutish post-punk in the vein of rock neanderthals like Big Black and The Jesus Lizard. This rare performance (booked in the brief window between Surfer Blood tours) will feature the live debut of the songs on their split cassette with West Palm Beach’s The Band In Heaven, as well as brand new material and a old standards.

Skeleton Warrior (photo by Sara Stovall)

Sharing the stage with the Wives is Tampa’s favorite adopted neopolitan sons, Skeleton Warrior. If there were no Skeleton Warrior, there would be no Roofless. They used to play noise, which turned into rock-based psych-improv. The current incarnation: synth-synth-bass- and assorted electronics, producing a bizarre, synth punk mash up of Devo, The Screamers and Soft Cell. Also performing will be Love Handles (check out their new recordings, the unreleased record of the year) and slop pop trio hahahelp!. Opening ceremonies conducted by noise ensemble Viking Funeral.

The Guest Lab is an exciting warehouse space off Biscayne and an in-the-know music and culture blog. We’ve also got a not-so-small mountain of free beer. RSVP