Heartbeats Unlimited Summer Social + MillionYoung Afterparty

This Saturday at Sweat is the Heartbeats Unlimited Summer Social! Heartbeats Unlimited is a collaboritive, multimedia design company that has set fund raising goals to support the American Heart Association. The networking event will go from 6-10pm, featuring sounds by JUAN BASSHEAD, WRECK, SOMEJERK, and DISIDENTE. There will also be painting by INK, VEIT, KELO, and KAZILLA. Plus you can win a Summer Prize pack full of goodies by bringing your demo, portfolio, business card; purchasing a Heartbeats Unlimited tee; or making a donation to the AHA. This will be chance to meet people who you might be able to work with in the future, while looking at art and listening to great music in your favorite record store 😉

When you leave Sweat Records, your next logical step would be The Electric Pickle for Get Some! It’s FREE before Midnight if you’re coming from the Heartbeats Unlimited party! DJ HOTTPANTS, KEEN ONE and DS keep it poppin downstairs, and we have some excellent live performances planned upstairs. Pitchfork favorite MILLIONYOUNG (Arcade Sound) is ready to give Miami another dose of dreamwave before heading back on the road with Memory House. WIZARD SLEEVE (Ministry of Sound) is back from a long stay in the UK for an exclusive return show with us. They’ll be celebrating the official release of their new mixtape; Gangsta Bass in the Big Smoke. Additional upstairs sounds by Nightdrive‘s LAURA OF MIAMI and HYDROZ. RSVP to getsome305@gmail.com for reduced admission. Come Get Some!

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