We’ve got an in-store poetry event Wednesday evening brought to you by the fine folks at the University of Wynwood.  We’ll let the faculty explain what’s going down…

“We have been taught since childhood not to judge books by their covers, but this Wednesday night, UW will put that concept to the test. Conceived by UW Dean of Special Projects Peter Borrebach and hosted by the Miami Poetry Collective’s maitre d’ Jamie May, Miami Squares turns the poetry reading on its head. Instead of authors being in control, the audience members will decide the order in which the evening’s poems will be read, using only the poem titles as a guideline. To further spice things up, poets will not be reading their own works, instead lobbying along with the audience as to when each poem should be read, and by who.”

This event is FREE, and we have a feeling it will probably be hilarious.  Do it!