Help Goobs Save The Boobs!

Next Thursday is the second annual GOOBS FOR BOOBS Breast Cancer Research Benefit. Come see ALUKARD + YOUR MOM’S FAVORITE perform live. Resident DJ’s A-TRAIN, DZA and ALEX CASO. Goodies and sorpresas from ANTISTEEZ.COM. There will also be a DUNK TANK out on the Patio!! Proceeds from the night will benefit Susan Komen for the Cure. And now some words from our hostess with the mostess…

Hey everyone! It’s Goobs and I would like to personally invite you out to The Vagabond’s (((SHAKE))) on Thursday, July 29th for my benefit for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. A lot of people wonder a) Who is Goobs? And b) Why are there big boobs on this flyer?

Well… I’m Goobs and two years ago my doctor found a lump in my breast. You can’t imagine how scared I was or how many questions I asked. After I sweat it out for about a week, taking tests, my doctor told me that I was A-OK and not to,”worry about it.” Well, the only thing that I could think about was women who DO have to worry about it. What happens to these women who have cancer and have to go undergo treatment and masectomies? What happens to them when they lose themselves to this disease, and sometimes, their lives? Breast cancer is the great equalizer, and can strike down any one of us; our mothers, our sisters, and our friends.

Well, I said, F@%K BREAST CANCER! Not on my watch! Not while I could do something. I decided that if my boobs were okay, then I would put them on the flyer to bring attention to this disease and raise money for the Susan G. Komen foundation. That’s why I am asking you to come out and party on July 29th. Come drink, come dance, come dunk people in our Dunk Tank in the garden…and come help us make it so that no woman ever has to hear that she is not okay. Come help us make Breast Cancer a thing of the past. You, me, them, us… together we can kick Breast Cancer’s ass. Come (((SHAKE))) for the titties! Thanks!

Hope to see you there,