Shakeland Mallrats

Meet us in the (((SHAKE)))LAND MALL Food Court for some Bourbon Chicken this Thursday! Seriously. We’re turning The Vagabond‘s Patio into Miami’s finest destination for all your shopping needs, complete with food court, and maybe a rent-a-cop or two.

Here’s some of the amazing local vendors shopping their wares: Munch This! Street Cookery, Thread Nectar, The One KELO, CBT Studios, Janes Creations, Name Brands’ Dusty Emporium, Hell Bound City Tattoo, Gary Fonseca Ceramics, Johann Luna’s Cartoons & Candies, So-Me Designs for No More Tears, Shady Teez, Bass Love, L’Croce. RSVP to for free admission before 11pm! $1 Colt 45 before 11pm, $5 Cuba Libre all night! Do your job and help your local economy!