Not Your Average 80s Night

Gloomy post-punk is on the rise. Hardcore has gone “mysterious.” What the hell is Witch House? It’s impossible to deny: the kids are going goth. The weather couldn’t possibly be steamier, but tonight at Jada Cole’s it’s time to hang ten on the Coldwave as Wierd Records artists Stacatto Du Mal and Vajra host Primitiv, a night dedicated to analogue synthesizers, minimal beats and all around chillier-than-chill ambiance. Check out the below video of Nina Belief for a taste of what’s in store.

If you liked that taste, swing by the store for some of the coldest vinyl in South Florida (check the 7” bin for a handful of releases from other Wierd recording artists).

We highly recommend the mammoth Wierd Records 3 LP (+7”) set, documenting the sound and style of the weekly NYC minimal-synth night from which the label gets its name. The compilation features 16 artists playing a range of post-punk/darkwave/synth variants, and comes with a gorgeous (and gigantic!) booklet featuring lyrics, flyers and all sorts of other textual/visual ephemera tied to the growing, Wierd-led analog movement.

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