Best Sweat Fan Art + New Books

WOW. Our wonderful friend Leah made this amazing crocheted pillow of our mascot Disko!  We think it’s the coolest thing ever and had to share…  Thanks Leah!  You rule.

Speaking of handmade, we just got a ton of cool new books in and one of them is the hilarious new Regretsy book full of the most random, ridiculous and just plain wrong items for sale on the otherwise great

We’re also stocked up with copies of Banksy’s Wall And Piece (still our best-seller), the Factory Reords Graphic Album (a must-have for any Joy Division/Manchester music fan), the new Bob Dylan Revisited book (13 graphic artists doing comic rendering of Bob’s lyrics), the new GRUNGE photographs book with text by Thurston Moore… and more!

Come by, grab a coffee, and browse our selection.  John Waters said it best: “We need to make books cool again.  If you go home with someone and they don’t have books, don’t f*ck them!”

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