Vegan Brunch: Success!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the first Earthcakes-catered VEGAN BRUNCH at Sweat!  The food was delicious, everyone who came through was super nice, and it was an all-around lovely Sunday morning listening to Devo and The Pixies while chowing down on tofu scramble and waffles piled high with fresh fruit and vegan whipped cream!

It went so well that we’re going to be open on Sundays and doing brunch every week after that! We’re going to skip next week because it’s the 4th of July but mark your calendars for the next one on Sunday, July 11th.

Work up your appetites and see you then…

P.S. Hands Across The Sand was really cool!  Check out this pic of the line that went for blocks up and down South Beach:

P.P.S. No thanks to the losers at life who stole our plants over the weekend.  Next time we’re planting cactus…

2 thoughts on “Vegan Brunch: Success!

  1. Cacti & Bamboo. Bamboo will get so well rooted that those losers will never be able to get beneath all of those rhizomes.

    You can get some tropical bamboo specimens for a pretty good price. You’ll create some nice vibes and shade from the sun.

    Check this great nursery in the west palm area.

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